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Art Direction | Branding & Marketing Design


Intro Brand Design

This client needed brand design + some corresponding social media marketing assets for company-side posting as well as artist/partner-side posting.

They wanted the design to be minimal yet impactful with a focus on photography and typography. The information also had to be very minimal, since most viewers are only looking at your stories for an average of 7 seconds. 

Moxie Coffee Rebrand

There is a traveling coffee truck that operates out of a vintage camper trailer that comes around my apartment about twice a month and their branding doesn't play into this cute, vintage element whatsoever. So I was inspired to give them a rebrand.

I wanted a very 70s color palette and typography scheme to really tie-in with their 70s camper trailer, which I also included as an illustration for a brand element.


Claremont Growers Collective Brand Design

This nonprofit needed a logo + brand design to help them in their marketing pursuits. Based out of New Hampshire, they wanted their logo to include recognizable local elements like the Sugar River and Green Mountain while also incorporating well-known agriculture/farming imagery.

I also wanted their color palette to feel very organic and earthy while still retaining enough contrast to work together in any use. logo design

This client desperately needed a logo for their biotech startup in order to start creating one-pagers, infographics, and research decks. The company essentially creates human-engineered 3D printed tendons and skin, so they wanted a logo to gently reflect that while still retaining the 'tech' aspect. 

The 'E' is made up of shapes that look like the 3D printed tendon in the growing dish paired with a scientific and professional-looking font. We decided to go with a blue color palette in order to be accessible and not intimidating to an outside viewer.


kinetic talents brand design

This tech/startup consulting company needed an entire brand design with logo. They had very specific colors already in mind so I needed to create a cohesive idea around these bright and fully-saturated colors.

I wanted the brand to be creative, motivational, and energetic while still retaining a level of professionalism. With some of the information being relayed to potential clients, it can feel a bit overwhelming, so I wanted to make sure the outward-facing brand was very light and approachable.

estime branded
t-shirt design

This design agency wanted a t-shirt design to represent their employees as a morale-booster. While everything tarot and zodiac is very trendy right now, I also wanted to steer away from any classic "creative/artist/teamwork" tropes. I wanted to bring a fresh concept to the design.

The design is based on a classic tarot card design but I included elements of popular design software interfaces. Inside each of the elements, there's a deconstructed lightbulb being forged -- symbolism for an idea being born. I also decided to make this card number "11" since designers are always working up til the 11th hour.

Branded TShirt for Estime
Branded TShirt for Estime
The Creative Tarot Card Style Design
The Creative Tarot Card Style Design
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