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Interface Design | Created with Figma

apex Product Redesign

This is a redesign of a product that has been in existence without having an interface-lift for about 10-15 years. I wanted to give the product (a multi-tool for supply chain management, tracking payments, auditing, and risk management) a more friendly and modern feel. I didn't want the user experience to feel cumbersome or overwhelming, I wanted it to feel approachable and intuitive and the client wanted it to feel inspired by Apple while still maintaining its own persona.

Kinetic Talents Website Design

This is a full website + brand design for a startup/tech consulting company. The client wanted it to feel friendly, creative, professional, and tech-forward and I wanted the design to feel fresh and new while also still feeling immediately navigable. The brand utilizes very bright, fully-saturated colors so I wanted to make sure the site still retained that playful essence without being over-the-top and overwhelming to look at.


Pokedex Mobile App Prototype

This was a personal project that was born out of personal necessity. I've been, arguably, the world's biggest Pokemon fan since I was a kid -- I played the Gameboy games, the card games, I collected ALL of the swag. If it was Pokemon, I was obsessed with it. 

While that interest carried over into adulthood, a good portion of my adult brain is being dedicated to taxes and credit card payments and rent and I don't have the same capacity for remembering all the details of a beloved video game. So whenever I play a Pokemon game now, I find myself having multiple browser tabs open just in case I need to know "what type is that?" or "what type is that strong against?" or "what does that item do?" and finally I had the idea to just combine all of that important at-a-glance information into a nicely packaged app.

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